Everything You Should Know About Fire Safes

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  1. What is a fire safe?

Fire safes are generally broken down into three main categories: Those which will protect paper documents; digital media such as USB sticks or DVDs; or magnetic data tapes such as LTOs, DAT tapes or DLTs.

Fire safes and data safes are built differently to protect their contents, as each can withstand different levels of heat:

Paper: 177 °C / 350 °F
Digital: 120 °C / 248 °F
Data: 52 °C / 125 °F

Data tapes are sensitive, easily damaged and susceptible to low levels of heat or humidity. The manufacturers recommend maximum exposure to heat must not exceed 52°C or humidity levels of greater than 85%. Thus, data safes are designed to keep the inside of the safe below 85% humidity, whilst also maintaining an internal temperature below 52°C (or about half that of a cup of coffee).

  1. Will they protect against a burglar?

Yes, they are still a safe at the end of the end of the day and many fire safes are suitable for secure storage for cash and valuables too. Much of what the average house owner keeps in a fire safe is often important documents like passports, house and vehicle documentation and even irreplaceable family photographs, meaning protection against fire is the main priority.

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However, as many home owners wish to keep their paperwork and valuables all in one place, many of our fire safes offer double protection. Our Cosmos HS9960 series, for example, is available with 60 minutes of fire protection and an overnight insurance rating of £100,000 for cash and £1 million for valuables. Even our entry level fire safes like the Titan FS1280 Series, offers 60 minutes fire protection for paper & digital media as well as being suitable for £2,000 cash or £20,000 for valuables.

  1. What should I be keeping in a fire safe?

With some documents, it is essential that they be easily accessible should the worst happen and a fire strikes. Insurance documents, passports, and house deeds will allow you to speedily make a claim and get back on your feet after a fire; whilst banking and investment information will ensure you will be able to access vital funds. You should consider keeping any legal document which you currently keep on your property in a fire safe, as often replacing them is a long and arduous process.

Fire safes are not only for important documents however. Sometimes, the most valuable items are those which hold sentimental value, and these are often completely irreplaceable. These can include family photographs, handwritten letters from loved ones, or your children’s drawings. As many people no longer print off their photographs, consider keeping data backups on a memory stick or hard drive.  Don’t forget to filter the safes on our website to ensure they are designed to protect your contents, whether they be your family’s paper birth certificates, a USB stick full of photographs, or a data tape containing your business’ back-up information.

  1. How are fire safes tested?

Fire resistant safes are rated by the amount of time they can withstand the extreme temperatures a fire produces, while not exceeding a set internal temperature depending on what it is designed to protect.  Phoenix design and manufacture fire safes that are tested to ensure that in the event of a fire the contents will remain protected, not only by fire but also by superheated gases and ultimately against water when the fire is extinguished. At Phoenix, all of our safes are tested to strict, internationally recognised standards.

  1. And why should I choose Phoenix?

Here at Phoenix, we truly understand the devastating consequences of house or office fires. We specialize in offering our customers the best and most appropriate level of fire protection for their belongings, and our customer service advisors are able to offer you expert advice should you need help choosing. Phoenix is now the largest manufacturer of fire and data safes in Europe, with an extensive range of products to suit your needs.

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We demonstrate our utmost confidence in our own products by offering a FREE lifetime “After-The-Fire” warranty, meaning that should you be unlucky enough to suffer a house fire or commercial fire, Phoenix will replace your fire safe free of charge.

”Phoenix Safe Company – Where peace of mind is guaranteed”

Phoenix Safe Company, where peace of mind is guaranteed
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