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A worrying statistic that has jumped out at us this week is that 23% of us keep our valuables in drawers and 20% keep them in a wardrobe! That’s a whopping 43% keeping items that matter most to us, such as family jewellery, watches, laptops or anything you can think of that matters to you, in locations well known as hiding places and completely unsecured.

If someone wants to break into your house, don’t make it easy for them to find what they want and leave quickly. A few weeks ago we highlighted that burglars spend an average of less than 10 minutes in a house, to grab what’s at hand and leave.  So if confronted with a home safe, it provides a fantastic deterrent, and as we mentioned previously, deterrents are preventatives. Why give burglars an easy ride?

A modern home security safe is not just for the wealthy. Here at Phoenix we have products to suit every budget. It is a firm belief of ours that every home should have a safe, either to protect cash & valuables from theft or important records from fire as well as being affordable. Our home security safes can provide protection for £1,000 up to £1m of valuables.

Safes such as the Compact Home Office SS0721 Series or Vela Home & Office SS0800 Series are ideal security safes for anyone looking to protect a small amount of cash (up to £1,000) or a few valuables (up to £10,000 worth). These safes are fitted with an easy to use digital lock but they also have a key override system and each safe is supplied with 2 keys, just in case you forget the code. Having twin locking bolts and concealed hinges, these small, discreet and secure safes are an ideal solution for any home. They are also ready prepared for being bolted to the floor or wall and fixing bolts are supplied, meaning once secured, a burglar could not just pick it up and leave.

If you require a safe for insurance purposes, then we have a variety of those too. Safes certificated to latest European EN security standards, approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors and the UK Police.  Safes such as the Fortress SS1180 Series are a very affordable range of high security safes.

If you are looking to protect your important paper records, such as passports, insurance records and birth certificates or backup of your family photos stored on hard drives, DVDs or USB Sticks, then we can also recommend the Titan FS1280 Series Fire & Security Safe.  This range has been tested to provide protection against fire for hour at temperatures close to 1000 degrees Celsius. As well as providing security for up to £2,000 cash or £20,000 of valuables, the Titan FS1280 Series is a very affordable all-in-one ‘Fire & Security’ safe.

Our Home Safe recommendations:

·         Compact Home Office SS0721 Series

·         Vela Home & Office SS0800 Series

·         Fortress SS1180 Series

·         Titan FS1280 Series

When you decide to buy a safe, you can take comfort in the fact that the value of what you want to protect, will always outweigh the cost of the safe needed to protect it.  


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Let’s talk smart

Did you know 55% of people like the idea of having smart product in their homes, but only 27% of people actually own smart technology designed to keep their houses safe and secure. We are living in a new digital world that is constantly changing and evolving.  The use of keys is changing to new more innovative ways of keeping things safe and secure. It’s estimated in the next 5 years that this percentage of smart technology use will surge and become the norm in everyday life.


We are introducing more smart technology into our product lines; that is once we are satisfied they provide our high standards of protection. Your satisfaction and products performance will always come before any new technology, that way you will always know owning a Phoenix product is still the best choice.


We have introduced the use of Fingerprint locking to a number of our safe ranges these advanced high security, touchscreen fingerprint locks have a clear LED display with an internal alarm. Featuring a dual control feature, hidden code and an unlimited scramble code, which can be programmed as standard with 128 fingerprints. These locks are tried and tested and offer superior security, definitely worth considering if you are looking to make your valuables as secure as possible.




But we haven’t stopped with Fingerprint locking; we have also invested in the NetCode 1000 smart locking technology. These are more commonly used on our Key Storage cabinets and are more tailored at present to our commercial customers; customers who need multiple people to have access to the same sets of keys. The NetCode 1000 lock allows temporary access to the cabinets via the web-based NetCode portal. NetCode is activated prior to the lock owner shipping and installing at a remote site. The NetCode Portal allows you to register and set up your account, activate your locks and generate time-sensitive codes. Generated codes can be sent by email or SMS to any email account or mobile phone. This information is also stored and sent back to the main user, so they can keep track of who has had access to what. Making these ideal for keeping you access under strict control.


Technologies introduction into our lives and homes in the past few years has been a new and exciting venture. We have also seen a radical drop in the price of this technology as it has become more common place.  We think with a bit more time it could spell the end of easy jobs for any burglars or criminals looking to take from us what matters most. And that’s never going to be a bad thing.


Most burglaries in the UK are not pre planned but are committed by opportunists?

70% of burglars actually use unlocked doors, something so simple and so preventable. Burglars don’t always wait until you’re out and about living life to invade your home either, an alarming number of burglaries happen while you’re in.

Worryingly 57% of burglaries happen while you are at home, usually asleep in bed, we URGE you to not leave doors unlocked with the thought process that you are home so it’s okay, do not put yourself or your family in that dangerous position.  For the few seconds it takes to lock a door, it’s just not worth it.

Now you’ve started to lock your doors and windows, everything is great now right? But what about if you are one of these households, that has a spare key hidden under a rock or stone in your front or rear garden.

Burglars know this trick and will not think twice about checking under plant pots, stones, welcome mats anywhere you think is an ingenious hiding place. Sometimes it’s necessary to have a key somewhere on your property for emergencies, such as you’ve fallen and need someone to come into the house to help, or you’ve simply walked out to put the bins out and the doors blown closed behind you (we’ve all done it). Do the smarter thing and get an inexpensive Key store K0001C or KS0002C

Key stores are tiny little steel boxes that can be attached to any exterior walls; they are accessed by a personal code. These safes are weather resistant, sturdy and very easy to conceal on your property. As they can only be accessed by a code known to you the keys inside are completely safe from undesirables. Bolted to an exterior wall these safes aren’t going anywhere.  Used quite extensively by holiday lets and community carer’s that need to have multiple accesses to the same property, they have proven their versatility over and over again.

Head over to one of our trusted stockist’s today to ensure you’re never left out in the rain!



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