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Click on the list of FAQ to find the answers to the most popular questions about our safes and security products. If you have any further questions, please contact us directly here.

  • For items up to 30kg on a door-to-door service to UK & Ireland, the lead time is 1-3 working days.
  • For items over 30kg on a door-to-door service to UK & Ireland, the lead time is 1-5 working days.
  • For all items on a delivery & position service to UK & Ireland, the lead time is 5-10 working days.
  • Pallet deliveries to UK & Ireland, the lead time is 3-5 working days.

*with the exception of the Millennium Duplex DS4650 Series and the Storage Lockers SL0020 Series as these are made to order.

Fire Safes and Data safes are built differently to protect their contents. This is because paper burns / combusts at 177°C , however data corrupts at just 52°C.

Magnetic media is sensitive, easily damaged and susceptible to low levels of heat or humidity. The manufacturers recommend maximum exposure to heat must not exceed 52°C or humidity level greater than 85%. As such, Fire safes are not suitable for protecting data due to the different temperatures at which paper and data are damaged.

Data safes are also designed to keep the inside of the safe below 85% humidity, preventing damage from moisture

All Phoenix Fire Safes (FS models) have a 2 years on site guarantee against manufacturing defect and free lifetime “after the fire” replacement warranty, this also includes the Data Safes (DS models), SS1621 Series,  SS1191 Series, HS1121 Series, HS1131 Series, HS6051 KF and EF models, HS9961 KF and EF models.

The SS0721E,  SS0801 Series, Cash Box Series, Key Box Series and Key Cabinets have a 1 year back to base warranty.

The SC0062CG/SC0071C laptop security cases have a 2 year back to base warranty. The Tarvos Series, Charon SeriesRhea Series, Dione SeriesGS8001K Series and GS8010K Series have a 1 year onsite materials and labour warranty.

The Neso, SS1171 Series, SS1180 Series, SS0991K, SS0992K and HS1091 and all High Security graded safes have a 2 years on site guarantee against manufacturing defect.

All Mail boxes have a 5 year warranty.

The KS0001C/KS0002C have a  Lifetime warranty.

Insurance cover against burglary will vary due to location and circumstances. Please check with your underwriter.

We can provide quotations to remove and dispose of old/unwanted safes. We would require the following information in order to obtain a quote;

  • Make or model of old/unwanted safe or dimensions and weight of old/unwanted safe.
  • Postcode of site where safe currently located.
  • Any access restrictions on site i.e. Does the safe need to be removed via stairs, lift, steps etc. etc.
  • Are the keys / Combination/ Code available?

Please visit our Support Centre for safe instructions and other documentation. Individual product pages on this website also contain technical documents.

Fire Test Standards – The fire test standards below require that the critical maximum temperature of the following media cannot be exceeded (a) Paper Records – 175˚C (b) Digital Media – 120˚C (c) Computer Data – 52˚C.


NT FIRE 017-60 Paper – Requires safe to be heated to 945°c for 1 hour. The maximum temperature inside the cabinet shall not exceed 175°c.

NT FIRE 017-90 Paper – Requires safe to be heated to 1050°c for 90 minutes. The maximum temperature inside the cabinet shall not exceed 175°c.

NT FIRE 017-120 Dis – Requires safe to be heated to 1090°c for 2 hours. The maximum temperature inside the cabinet shall not exceed 52°c.

NT FIRE 017-120 Paper – Requires safe to be heated to 1090°c for 2 hours. The maximum temperature inside the cabinet shall not exceed 175°c.

EN1047-120 Dis – Requires safes to be heated to over 1100˚C for 2 Hours. Internal temperatures shall not exceed 52˚C.

EN1143-1 – The European norm for resistance to burglary attack with various resistance grade up to Grade 10.

EN14450-S1 – The European norm for resistance to burglary attack Grade S1.

EN14450-S2– The European norm for resistance to burglary attack Grade S2.

LPS 30P, LPS 60P – EN 15659 – Light Fire Resistance where the internal Temperature will not exceed 175˚C.

GB16810-1997 – Requires the safe to be heated to 945˚C for 1 hour. The Maximum temperature inside the cabinet shall not exceed 175˚C.

MTS DIP 120-60DM (Grade B) – Digital Media fire protection where The internal temperature will not exceed 120˚C.

The cash rating of a safe is determined using factors such as door and wall thickness, the quality of the lock and the standard of construction.

High security graded safes are built to the construction standard required by their grade. The higher the grade, the higher the cash rating will be.

Cash Ratings are approximate and may vary due to location and area conditions. Please check with your underwriter.

Many of our safes can be base fixed. Safes that are designed to provide protection for cash & valuables, and in some cases fire safes also, are pre-prepared with base fixing holes and come with all necessary fixings.

We hold combination numbers and some master codes, which when provided with specific security information we can supply to engineers / end users. Please call our Technical Department on 0151 944 6447 if you require help with this. A proof of purchase will be required.

In the event of a fire your Phoenix Fire /Data protection safe will protect the contents for the duration in minutes that the model has been tested to. Once the site is declared safe to enter we would arrange for an engineer to come and open the safe and you would receive a new Phoenix Fire /Data protection safe free of charge.

We can supply replacement keys for most Phoenix models. This is with the exception of the Graded High Security safes, the Fire Ranger Series, the Firechief Series, the Firefox Series, the Lynx Series, the Fortress Series, the Citadel SeriesGun safes, cash boxes, key boxes, key safesdeposit safesunderfloor safesmail boxes and Transportable Fire Chests.

We require proof of purchase in the form of a copy invoice, delivery note or details of your registered guarantee as well as the key number.

Serial numbers are usually on the outside of the safe, on the left side in the top right corner on a silver or white sticker.


Model numbers are usually located on the front of the safe on the fascia. Some safes may state the series number rather than the model number.


You can check what accessories are available for your safe by finding the safe on our website and clicking on the Accessories tab. You can get prices and find out how to place an order by contacting our customer service team on 0151 944 6444 or email with your enquiry.


A drop test simulates the conditions when a building collapses and the fire safe falls from a height; the test standard is a drop of 9.1 metres (30 feet).



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