National Home Security Month Week 1 – Burglars – Deterrents are Preventatives

Did you know?

The average burglar only spends an average time of 8-12 minutes actually inside your property, anything beyond that becomes too risky of a job.

It’s not a surprise, if a burglar is faced with an obstacle such as a safe; they give up relatively quickly due to the time and skill it would take to crack a safe, most as well do not have the skill for such a job, most burglaries are not planned they are opportunist when our security is lax.

Deterrents are preventatives. And preventatives are usually better and more cost efficient than damage control.

The question we want to pose to you is this, what is important to you?

What couldn’t you replace if something where to happen to it?

For example, the laptop may be replaceable, even insured against theft; but what about the photos that where stored on its hard drive?

A necklace a relative has given you; to the burglar its worth about £20.00 sold but to you is priceless.

These are things we strongly believe need protecting.

No matter how big or small, we think every house should have a safe.

Something as budget friendly as the Compact Home Office SS0721E with 1,000 cash cover or 10,000 valuable cover is perfect for someone dipping their toe into the world of security safes. Our security safes all come with a fixing kit for walls and floor as standard, so no worry that the burglar could just pick up the safe and run; we would LOVE to see someone try and do that with some of our bigger safes, such as the Rhea SS0105E, trust us even if it’s not bolted down, we wouldn’t recommend trying to lift these security safes.



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