Citadel SS1191E appears on the Gadget Show

gadgetshowcitadel1The new Phoenix Citadel SS1191E Fire and Security Safe was featured on the Gadget Show on Channel 5. The shows team were challenged to break into 5 high tech safes, and given just an hour to do so.

In their first attempt they used a huge industrial digger to drop the safes from a great height, although the Phoenix Citadel was a tad battered and bruised the damage was merely cosmetic. Thanks to the Citadel’s double wall construction with high grade concrete infill the team did not succeed.

The second attempt saw the team enlist the help of a powerful angle grinder but in top form the Phoenix Citadel fought back and broke the high tech tool. With a wall thickness of 56mm and a door thickness of 92mm combined with anti drill plates and re-locker protection, it would take more than this to break into the Citadel.

Unsuccessful the team endeavoured with their third and final attempt, this time calling upon the help of an explosives expert. Using a highly explosive compound called P.E.T.N, the team were confident that they would win the challenge. Used in demolition and by the military P.E.T.N is one of the most powerful explosives in existence today, would the team be successful?

A massive explosion followed, rocking the ground and filling the air with fire and plumes of smoke. As the smoke dispersed the Gadget show team were on tenterhooks, wondering if they had won the challenge. But true to form, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, our Phoenix Citadel safe stood proud and survived the colossal blast. Remaining solid and locked the Citadel was not defeated, a victorious moment for Phoenix Safe Company.

More information on the Phoenix Citadel SS1191E Fire and Security Safe available here.


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